Cycling around Australia for sight

Cycle for Sight – Ride to prevent blindness

From Bass Strait to the Coral Sea, from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, and all the vast areas of the Never Never in between – Jen Nickols plans to see it all! The only problem is? She no longer has her eyesight to enjoy the vivid changes in the landscape of our beautiful country.

Jen left Hobart on 14 April 2013 on the back of her tandem bike and was planning to be the first blind cyclist to ride around Australia. She cycled almost 3000 kilometres to Miriam Vale, Queensland in 28 stages. However, due to the unavailability of a front rider, it was necessary to postpone the trip.  The remainder of the ride has been rescheduled for April 2014 and will depart from Gladstone, Queensland.

She will pedal through some of Australia’s richest agricultural areas, battle city traffic, pass dozens of pristine lakes, beaches and waterways and experience the remoteness of Outback Australia with its heat, dust, road trains and flies.

Jen will ride in temperatures ranging from 0 to around 45 degrees, and will come face to face with much of our wildlife. She is excited about meeting our furry friends, but the ones with more than four legs are a bit of a concern to her! Jen hates bugs and creepy crawlies!  All of this, with no brakes, no gears, no steering, and a lot of trust in her front pilots!

Why would someone want to ride 18 000km in the dark, you ask?

She is passionate about helping with the prevention and cure of blindness, particularly in children, and is very keen to raise $300 000 or more for Lions Sight Projects.

We hope that you will come on board and support Jen and her team along the way, by donating to a very worthwhile cause, and providing her with lots of support and encouragement as she makes her way around our big country.

Please note: All money raised so far is being held in trust until the completion of Jen’s ride.